Our Manifesto

We embrace the culture of New York City, the spirit of the revolution, and the food of our mothers.

A home cooked meal feeds the body and soul.
We consider everyone who walks through our door part of the family.

We’re the place where everybody knows your name and probably more than that.

We believe that happy animals are better than anything, and are committed to sourcing only humanely raised meat.

We are wheel men and wheel women.
We push ourselves inside and out (of the restaurant).

The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding.  (thank you John Updike)

Real chefs make their own sausage.
Get in over your head, and dedicate yourself to learning something great.

New Jersey grows great tomatoes.
No Hating.

We are champions of our local farmers and their markets.

We are easily bored with small successes.
We keep the menu moving forward at all times.

Our staff is our love.
The people who are here with us everyday
make us who we are

We Eat, We Drink, Man, Woman.
Ang Lee: no check for life.

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